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Take the next step in your career discovery and help yourself stand out by earning subject matter micro-credentials. MajorClarity's micro-credentials were built in partnership with leading employers and educational institutions. They are offered to all 9-12th grade students. Whether you want to become more knowledgeable in a specific industry or prepare for an upcoming job or internship, we have a micro-credential for you!

Why earn a micro-credential?

  • Provides an opportunity to students in grades 9-12 to explore career paths further and to deepen industry and/or workforce knowledge.
  • Gives you a competitive edge when applying for post-secondary opportunities.
  • Shows evidence of career & college readiness, enhancing your overall student portfolio.

What are competencies?

Within each micro-credential, you will be introduced to specific competencies. A competency is an applicable skill or behavior that contributes to the overall focus of the micro-credential. Each competency has its own section in the course.

How to Start a Micro-credential

  • Login to MajorClarity.
  • Click the Micro-credentials tab at the bottom of the navigation bar to view all available courses.
  • Each course block will display the following:
    • Course description
    • Course length
    • Status
    • Partner
  • To begin, click the Start Course link at the bottom of the panel for the course you wish to complete.
    • Each section focuses on a particular competency.
    • Course sections typically take about 15-20 minutes, and conclude with a Knowledge Check, requiring you to demonstrate concept mastery by earning an 80% or higher.
    • You may complete the Knowledge Check component more than once.
If you've already started a course and want to pick up where you left off, click Continue Course. 773424313d-bac4f8c41c1e54d5f7f2.png
You can also click Certificate Options to tell MajorClarity how you'd like to manage your certificate upon completion of the course.
  • Enter the email and phone number where you'd like to receive your micro-credential certificate and course progress notifications.
  • Add your Guardian(s) email and phone information if you'd like to send them a copy of your certificate.
  • Click Enroll in course. 9058b13d4a-21f4e65a1d8321b44fa3.png

Completing a Micro-credential

Micro-credential mastery is attained once all course sections have been completed and a minimum score of 80% is earned on the micro-credential final exam, the last section.
Micro-credential mastery will be reflected in two areas, in the form of a red badge:

My Portfolio tab 5ada17f25b-11f2350aa40fa9a23204.png

Note: You can also continue a previously started Micro-credential from this tab.

Micro-credential panel f55a40f25e-d278cec268628f4d0c43.png

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