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The Application Center houses, organizes, and tracks Postsecondary Applications, Work-Based Learning Opportunities, Common App activity, Transcripts, and Recommendation Requests (for those districts who have these features enabled). Counselors and Teachers will complete the requests through their own MajorClarity Accounts.
You can connect your Common App Account to your MajorClarity Account by clicking the “Connect Account” button. You can use the Jump to tabs to bypass the Common App section and go to Transcripts, Letters of Recommendation and Work Based Learning.
To add and track Postsecondary Applications, first favorite the institution by following these instructions:
  • Visit Postsecondary Exploration in MajorClarity.
  • Search for colleges, universities and/or technical schools
  • Click the "⭐" icon for each institution that interests you. Institutions will not be available for tracking in your Application Tracker unless you've starred it.
For more information on Common App Processes, visit our Common App Help Center

FOR NON-Common App Requests ONLY:

To add and track Postsecondary Applications click the “Manually Add Application” button and select from the list of schools you “starred” in the Postsecondary Exploration tab.
Select the desired institution from the Favorited Institutions list and fill in the other information as needed. When you've finished filling in all needed information, click the Add Application button.
Note: It's important to fill this information in accurately and keep it updated so Counselors can support your application process.
From your list of applications:
  • You can “Pin” applications to the top of the list.
  • Click the blue arrow to see more details about the application.
  • Use the three dot actions menu to Edit or Delete applications.
You can also request Recommendations and Transcripts within the application box:
Note: these options will only be available to you if your school/district has Transcripts enabled. If you're unsure, please check in with our LiveChat Support or your Counselor. 175add4130-4795b874a26aee7dd7ae.png
Transcript and Recommendation Requests can be tracked in the areas below the Postsecondary Applications box, if this feature is enabled for your district. efb1f7b893-0a34937c7d1570e8f884.png
Tip: Don't forget to come back to the Application Tracker to update your Admissions Status and Decision Status once you know if you've been accepted! This information will help populate Admissions Trends within your District when others are exploring Postsecondary institutions. cd77117140-a3b6ac464b792aa47ed9.png
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