Student: Postsecondary Exploration

The Postsecondary Exploration search tool allows you to explore colleges and postsecondary training opportunities. Start with the search feature and use filters to refine your results. Once you have some results you can click on the links to learn more about each college or training institution. Use the comparison tool to compare critical information and help you decide if an institution may be the right fit for you. Favorite your top choices by clicking the star so that you can keep track of them.

Search Tool + Filters

The search tool is your first step in finding the right postsecondary option for you. You can search by a specific name or find opportunities by state, type of program or degree, and type of institution. Here are some tips to help you refine your search and get the best results.
Start big and then get more specific! Begin your search by choosing one of these options -- state, degree, program, or type of institution. Then, add in additional filters.
Maybe try state + type of institution or state + program. 56f9a4cd3f-2817243f2fb3f3b8b7a0.png
The Programs filter can be very helpful if you already have a good idea of what career you'd like to pursue.
  • Have you found your dream career through Career Exploration?
  • Already selected your Pathway in Academic Planning?
Use that information to filter Postsecondary schools by your Program of interest in the dropdown. This filter will show you the schools that specialize or have a strong focus on that area of study. 8776e1ee7f-4532aa3a67f99447970f.png
Add in more filters to narrow your results, or find institutions that fit your other requirements. If your results are too few, try changing the state, type of institution, or type of degree. You might need to start over completely and that's okay! cfa5ec9f5b-a0b0756a36bc0326d51f.png
You can see how many institutions are in your results and what filters you're using below the search box. By clicking on the "X" you can remove a filter and see the results update in real-time. badf1b113b-dd9b9dc14118c4819c83.png
Below these filters you'll see the list of institutions that fit your search terms. From this page, you can:
  • View general information about these schools.
  • Click on the name to see more detailed information about that institution.
  • Click on the star (either on the square or on the institution page) to favorite it and record it on your profile. This choice will also populate your Academic and Career Plan and make that school available in your Application Tracker. 9e49995b4d-828489dc40ad382916b2.png

Exploring Postsecondary Institutions

On each institution's page, you can see a snapshot of information about that school.
At the top you'll see how many students are registered, what kind of college or training institution it is (including environment + size), and where it's located. You'll also see some links for the institution's website and a price calculator so that you can see how much it might cost you to attend.
* Please note that these links will take you outside of MajorClarity in a new tab. 0fe386cf4d-a2ae4d1eeeec87e541af.png
Don't forget to click the star next to Save School at the top if you'd like to apply to this school and/or keep it on your radar.
You'll also be able to see the following information about the institution:
  • Top Programs
  • Admission rate
  • Graduation Rate
  • ACT Composite Midpoint Score
  • SAT Reading/Writing Midpoint Score
  • SAT Math Midpoint Score
  • Admission trends from your district (if available)*
  • Out-of-State Tuition
  • In-State Tuition
  • Average Net Price
  • Typical Debt After Graduation
  • Typical Monthly Loan Payment
  • Salary After Attending
  • Student Body details
  • Athletics information
Reviewing this information should help you make decisions that are right for your future. You want to make sure that the graduation rates are higher, and that the cost and debt after graduation are manageable for you and your family! Before you apply, check the admission rates to see how competitive the institution is.
*Note: Admissions trends from your district will populate over time as students interact with the platform. If your district is brand new to MajorClarity, data will not yet be available to display in this section. As students complete the following items in MajorClarity, this data will begin to populate:

Postsecondary Comparison Tool

When you favorite an institution, this school will be added to the list of institutions you can compare. To visit the Postsecondary Comparison Tool, click the Postsecondary Exploration tab. You'll see a blue button at the top of the page labeled Comparison Tool. 891388a2db-97dac81f10c08658b79e.png
By visiting the Postsecondary Comparison Tool, you'll see all the relevant data side-by-side for each favorited institution. 826eecd9d0-3844dd8d277c0083d1b1.png
To see what institutions you've favorited from your searches, go to your My Portfolio tab and look under Favorites. To remove an institution, unclick the star. c567bb891b-17117a03e6f7b70a01c3.png
Those are the important details for using the Postsecondary Exploration tool! Remember that you might need to try a few different search terms and add/or remove your filters if your results are too big or too small to be useful. Make sure to favorite your top choices so that you can easily find them later! It's okay to change your mind, and you can even come back to look at different institutions after you graduate if your plans change. These are big decisions but not permanent ones.
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