Students: Assigning a Counselor for Common App

In order to have a counselor submit the School Report and other documents on your behalf, you first need to tell the Common App who your primary counselor is. Your counselor will be using MajorClarity to submit these documents so you will need to use MajorClarity for this step.


Remember! In order to send your transcript for a Common App application, you only need to assign your counselor. You do not need to request a transcript separately for any Common App schools.

Steps for assigning a counselor in MajorClarity:

  1. Make sure that you’ve connected your MajorClarity and Common App accounts, and that you’ve already completed the FERPA waiver in your Common App account.
  2. Navigate to the Application Center in MajorClarity and click the ‘Assign Counselor’ button in the Common App banner. If these buttons are grey/not able to be clicked, please follow the instructions to complete the FERPA waiver.
  3. Start typing your counselor’s first or last name and select the name of your counselor, then click ‘Assign.’ That’s it! Your counselor will now have the ability to submit the counselor forms required for your application.



You can now see your assigned counselor in the Application Center in MajorClarity and you’ll also see them assigned in your Common App account. Your counselor will also be notified of the assignment and they’ll be able to submit your forms.


If you want to check on their progress, expand any of your schools in the Application Center. You can also see when a report has been downloaded by one or more colleges on your Common App Statuses tab in the Application Center!


If you were unable to assign your counselor, check that you have not invited them via the Common App platform directly. If you have, you'll need to contact support to have these invitations removed.









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