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There are a number of tools within MajorClarity that can help you learn more about your Elementary students’ career interests and aspirations. This article will walk you through those tools.
Students Dashboard
Your Students Dashboard is the very first thing you'll see when you login to MajorClarity. This tab allows you to view and work with your assigned students as needed.
Once you've selected a student name, you'll see details about that student. Please note that if you're used to working with secondary students (6-12th) in MajorClarity, your Elementary student view will look slightly different. Here are the items you can view in an Elementary Student's profile:
  • School
  • Current Year
  • Email and Password info/actions
  • Guardian Email (if available)
  • Advisor assignments (Advisors this student has connected with via Classroom Code)
  • Regions Stamped
  • Occupations Stamped
  • Regions Quizzed
  • Career Assessment Questions Completed
  • Career Assessment Results
  • Notes (internal between connected staff members)
  • Uploaded documents (more info here: Staff: Document Upload)



All Staff members within MajorClarity have access to our Groups feature, a tool designed to help you organize your student roster however you see fit. You have plenty of flexibility with how you want to create and format your group so that it works for your needs.
For more details, click here: Staff: How to create and manage Groups
MajorClarity has multiple reports created to provide insight and accountability for our District Partners within the Reports tab. For more information on how to work with reports, check out this article: Staff: How to Pull a Report.
There are (2) reports that have been designed specifically for Elementary staff usage: Elementary Student Overview and Elementary School Usage Stats.
Elementary Student Overview
This report will give you an overview of your Elementary Students' progress. The report includes the following dimensions:
  • Student ID
  • Email
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Grade
  • School
  • Sign-in count
  • Last sign-in
  • Career assessment progress
  • Career assessment results
  • Elementary regions seen
  • Elementary occupations seen
  • Elementary regions quizzed
Elementary School Usage Stats
This report highlights overall usage in the Elementary Platform and includes the following dimensions:
  • School name
  • School ID
  • Current enrolled students
  • Current year activations by students
  • Elementary Assessment completed student total
  • Elementary passport completion count
  • Elementary matching quiz completion count
The Account tab allows you to manage your profile details and education preferences. Change/manage your password for direct login to MajorClarity, or provide an alpha student segment range if you only work with certain students.
Our Partner Hub includes various supplemental materials to assist in a MajorClarity rollout in your district. The Elementary platform has an entire tab dedicated to resources you may find helpful: Elementary Learning.
On this page, you'll first find an Intro Lesson Plans that include a Teaching Guide, Student Worksheet, and a Slide Deck. This lesson covers the following tasks:
  • Access MajorClarity using district-assigned login credentials
  • Complete a Career Assessment to identify career cluster compatibility
  • Identify key terms to navigate the platform independently



Towards the bottom, you can find Career Cluster Lessons that include a Teaching Guide, Worksheet, and Answer Key for each of the 16 Regions (Career Clusters).




Professional Learning
For more information on this tab, check out this article: Single-course access to Professional Learning
Document Upload Tool
As a counselor or teacher that works with an Elementary student in MajorClarity, you have the option to upload documents to their Portfolio. You can do this individually or in bulk for multiple students.
For more information on this tool, check out Staff: Document Upload



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