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It's never too early to get kids excited about career exploration! The Elementary Platform in MajorClarity was developed for 4th and 5th grade students so they can start engaging in career exploration through fun interactive activities.
Note: If your district is interested in expanding to Elementary, get in touch with your account manager for a quote!
Elementary Platform Overview
  • Career exploration centered around 16 Career Clusters
  • Requires active engagement with basic career content
  • Tracks student progress in fun “career passport” system
  • Makes smart recommendations based off a personality assessment
Tip: if you are a licensed staff member, you can click Role in the upper right hand side of your screen to select Student (Elementary) from the dropdown and see what your Elementary students see and follow along. More info can be found in Staff: Student View from Your Account.
Getting Started
The first step is having your students login to MajorClarity via the preferred login method at your district. Once your students have logged in they will see a welcome screen and have the chance to meet Clarity, the Career Guide.
Click Let's go! to get started.
Career Assessment
Students will then be directed to take a Career Assessment so they can learn more about their strengths and interests. The assessment should take about 15 minutes, depending on the student's reading level and pace. The assessment can be reset anytime and can be completed in multiple sittings if needed.
For each presented task, guide students in answering this question:
"Would you enjoy performing the following activity?"
They can click one of the following answers:
  • No (red frowny face)
  • Maybe (blue undecided face)
  • Yes (green smiley face)



Once the assessment is complete, the student will see a breakdown of how they match up with certain regions (career clusters) based on their answers.




From here, they can click Start Exploring to visit the World Map.
Career Exploration
A student has a couple of ways to start exploring after completing their Career Assessment, and the goal is to have them visit each Region and all of its Occupations to complete their passport. They can explore via the Passport or World Map tabs.
  • Visit the Passport tab.
  • Notice all 16 Regions (Career Clusters) present with fun names, such as Agriculture Farm.
  • A Student's Passport will be blank (greyed out) to start.
  • Click any Region to begin exploring.
  • As they explore different regions and meet residents, they'll receive Passport Stamps.
  • Each stamp will display how many residents the student has met in that region.



World Map
Some students may prefer a more colorful method for Career Exploration, and the World Map is just the ticket!
  • Visit the World Map tab.
  • All 16 Regions (Career Clusters) are represented in a colorful map.
  • Each Region displays a logo to indicate the Region name, but students can also hover over the Region to see the region name.
  • Click any Region to begin exploring.
  • Keep in mind this is just another way to visit the Regions. Their Passports will still stamp automatically as they meet different residents.



Meeting Residents
Once a student clicks a region, they'll be taken to that area of the platform to meet the residents that live there. There are 3-4 residents in each region that represent an occupation within that region (career cluster).
  • A brief description of the region can be found at the top of the page.
  • Click or Tap a resident to learn more.



  • Click on What does Adam do on a typical day? to see text that describes his typical daily duties.
  • Students can also click the Play button to hear audio of Adam explaining his daily duties.
  • The student has now learned more about that occupation and completed one visit in this region to receive a stamp!
  • From this page, students can also click to go back to the World Map to explore more regions or the Region main page to meet more residents.



Elementary students will notice a Portfolio tab at the top of their navigation panel that allows them to see their overview and progress on MajorClarity.
Career Assessment Overview
The top of the page will display the student's Career Assessment results, with their most recommended region showcased on the left. Students can click any of the region names to start or continue exploring that region.
Shared Documents
The bottom of the Portfolio page allows you and the student to share documents. To access this, students will need to scroll down the page to the shared document section.
Students can see any documents you've uploaded to their account in yellow clickable tags. More information on this process can be found in the Staff: Document Upload article.
Students also have the option to upload their own documents if they wish. They will just need to click Browse to find their document, give it a title, and click Upload Document.
Matching Quiz
Once students have visited each of the 16 regions and met all of the residents, they can then visit the Matching Quiz tab to revisit what they've learned about each occupation.



  • Match each occupation with their duties by dragging the avatars into the appropriate boxes.
  • If an answer is incorrect, the avatar will bounce back.
  • If the answer is correct, the avatar will remain in the box with a green check mark.
  • Once all avatars are in the correct boxes, the student will be congratulated and guided towards the next region.



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