Common App Reporting

To get a more granular view of student applications submitted via the Common App, a report is available so that you may export a CSV detailing every student and each of their applications. This will help counselors see the individual deadline for each college a student is applying to, among other details.
This data is only available for current year applications. Because the Common App resets their data at the end of the summer, we do not provide form download statuses for prior application cycles after the close of the Common App in late July.


Form Content

The following information is available on the report:
  • Student Name
  • Student Email
  • School
  • College Name
  • Deadline Selected (the application deadline for the term the student has selected)
  • Deadline Type (early decision, early action, regular decision, etc)
  • FERPA Status (n/a, waived, not waived)
  • Assigned Counselor
  • Application Status ('In Progress' or date submitted)
  • School Report
  • Counselor Recommendation
  • Mid Year Report
  • Fee Waiver
  • Final Report
  • Early Decision Agreement (ED Agreement)
  • Early Decision II Agreement (ED II Agreement)
  • School Report downloaded date
  • Counselor Rec download date
  • Mid Year Report download date
  • Final Report download date
For each of the forms, the data in the primary column will either represent whether the form is required for the college/student or the date it was submitted. As a reminder, if the form is required for one college selected by the student, it will still be submitted and available for all colleges to which they're applying even if the form is not required. The date in the 'downloaded date' column, when present, will identify when the particular school accessed the student's form.
The following form requirement values are possible for each form:
  • School Report - always required
  • Counselor Recommendation - Required or Optional
  • Mid Year Report - Required or Optional
  • Fee Waiver - Required or N/A
  • Final Report - Not Sent (note that this form is required for the college the student chooses to attend)
  • ED Agreement - Required or N/A
  • ED II Agreement - Required or N/A
If only the date is showing, it means the form has been submitted on the date provided.

Filtering the Form

The following filter is available to help limit the list of students the report returns.

Grade Level

The report will show all students regardless of grade level by default, but when you select a grade level then it will only show the Common Applications associated with students currently assigned that grade. In the event Juniors are connecting their Common App accounts, either because they're graduating early or out of curiosity, this filter will enable you to focus only on Seniors.
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