Common App Deadlines: how to update them and where to find them

Setting an application deadline

In order for an application to be considered complete to a college via the Common App, the entry term and admission plan must be selected for each school.
Students do this by navigating to a college and selecting the 'Questions' tab.
They must first answer the preferred start term, and then the available options for admission plan will be available. When the student selects their admission plan (Early Action, Early Decision, Regular Decision, etc), then they will be assigned the deadline associated with that admission plan.
For more information on the deadlines for each admission plan, visit the College Information section under each school.

Deadline Information in MajorClarity for Students

Students can find the deadline they selected in the Common App (following the above steps) or in their Application Center in MajorClarity. In MajorClarity, both the deadline type and date will display.
If a deadline isn't present, such as with Adelphi University below, then the student should check that they've selected on in Common App and refreshed their page in MajorClarity.

Deadline Information in MajorClarity for Counselors/Teachers

Common App Requests tab

Counselors and Teachers will most often see the application deadline referenced as "First Deadline." This data point compiles all deadlines for the schools a student has added, or for all the schools a student has requested a teacher submit an evaluation, and displays the earliest deadline where forms will be due. By creating a single date, we've made it much more simple for a teacher or counselor to see which of these common forms is due first so they can prioritize earlier deadlines.

An example of the First Deadline logic

Jon Snow chooses the following schools and admission plans:
  • University of Virginia, Early Action, November 1
  • University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Early Decision, October 15
  • Virginia Commonwealth University, Rolling Admission, January 15
Then the first deadline that displays for Jon Snow's counselor will be October 15th, because the School Report is due for UNC Chapel Hill on October 15th.
The first deadline that displays for a Jon Snow's teacher who was only added to University of Virginia and VCU will be November 1st. This is because the deadline for teacher evaluations to be submitted for UVA is November 1st and because the teacher was not added as an evaluator for UNC Chapel Hill.
If the first deadline says "TBD," that means that the student has not decided on or selected an admission plan for any of their schools yet.

Viewing the selected deadline for each college

Counselors may review the deadline selected for each Common App college in two places. First, they may navigate to their student's overview page and scroll to the bottom where they will find the deadline for each school and other helpful information about the student's applications. Additionally, they may run the Common App Statuses per Student and College report on the Reports tab, which will return each school's deadline and other helpful information about each application.
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