Student: Adding your Advisor Classroom Code

If a teacher would like to connect with you in MajorClarity, they will provide you with a code so that you can add it to your profile. This article will walk you through the process of adding this code.
  • Login to your MajorClarity student account.
  • Click Edit My Profile under your name in the top left hand corner.
  • OR, click Classroom Codes within your My Portfolio tab.



  • Scroll down to the Classroom Codes section in your profile settings.
  • Enter the classroom code that was provided by your teacher.
  • Click Save Code.
  • If the code is saved successfully, you will see a banner at the top of the page that says Successfully added classroom code. If it says anything other than that, please see your teacher!
  • You will also notice the teacher's name added as a yellow tag in that section if it's successfully added.



Please note: Classroom Codes are case-sensitive. Even an extra space can make a code appear invalid. Please ensure that you're copying/pasting or entering the code exactly as you received it.

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