Staff: Working with your students' ACPs

This article will walk you through the steps of working with your students' Academic and Career Plans. Learn how to access, review, sign, and share this plan with the student's parent/guardian. We'll also review how to pull reporting related to ACPs.
Accessing a Student's ACP
  • Login to MajorClarity.
  • Visit the Students tab. (This is the very first tab you'll see when you login as an admin)
  • Find the Student using the search bar and click their name.


  • Click the 3 dots next to ACP actions to work with the student's digital academic and career plan.



From here, you'll notice available options to work with this student's ACP (dependent on your role type):
  • View - view their plan as a PDF in a separate tab. This is a great option if you want to view, download, or print the student's plan.
  • Mark as reviewed - once you've viewed the plan, staff members who have been directed to formally review a student's plan can mark it as reviewed. The date will show up on the digital plan.
  • Apply signature - the student's assigned Counselor can use this feature to sign off on the student's ACP. Visit the Account tab to add your signature if you have not done so. Once the signature is applied, it will show up on the Counselor signature line on the first page of the ACP. *Please note: you are not able to sign ACPs in bulk for multiple students.
  • Send report email - this option allows you to send the ACP to the student's parent/guardian for their signature as well. This is only available for students who have a guardian email on file with MajorClarity.
Reviewing a Student's ACP
Once you've accessed and viewed your student's Academic and Career plan, staff members who have been directed to formally review a student's plan can mark it as reviewed within the ACP Actions menu:
This action will be documented in the Notes field within the student profile (only visible to connected staff members).
It will also provide a visual indicator to the student on their ACP that it was reviewed, with a timestamp.
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