Bulk Transcript Upload for Common App

The School Report, Mid Year Report, and Final Report all require a student's transcript to be submitted so that colleges can consider student's grades for admission. In order to increase the efficiency of locating and attaching transcript PDFs, MajorClarity provides the capability of uploading batches of Transcripts which will automatically match to the student and be available within that student's form for inclusion.
Before you get started, you'll need to provide your CSM with a sample transcript so that we can ensure that the automated process to match transcripts to students will function properly. Once the transcript is approved and the functionality is activated, you can follow the below steps.
Upload a batch of transcripts
At this time, only District Admins in the MajorClarity platform have the ability to upload transcript batches. We recommend uploading a full batch of all seniors' transcripts at the end of each grading period.
When a District Admin visit the Common App Requests tab, they'll see a link in the upper right hand corner that says "Import Transcripts." Click this link and select the file containing all of the transcripts you wish to import and select "Initiate Import."
When the import begins, you'll be taken to the Import page and the file will be in "Validating" status. Depending on the size of the file, this may take some time to complete. Upon completion, the status will update to "Imported." You may view details about what was imported by clicking the 3 dots and choosing "View."
Pro tip: You will need to refresh the page to see the status change from Validating to Imported
You may view the file that was processed by clicking 'Download' on this page. See 'A' below.
Additionally, you may view a list of the transcripts that were not able to be matched to a student by downloading the Warnings using the link next to the 'B' in the screenshot below. This will download a CSV file of all the student IDs who did not match a student in MajorClarity. To resolve unmatched students, verify that the student IDs on your student import match the IDs on the transcript. If they do, please reach out to MajorClarity support.
If a student's ID does not appear on the Warnings CSV, then their transcript successfully matched to their record in MajorClarity and it will be available in Common App forms.
Attaching a recent transcript to a Common App form
Now that transcripts have been processed, Counselors will be able to attach the most recent transcript for a student to their School Report, Mid Year Report, Optional Report, or Final Report with the check of a box.
  1. Enter the form you intend to submit for your student.
  2. When you reach the 'transcript' question on any given form, you'll notice that below the upload prompt, there is a prompt to use the most recent transcript for the student with a clickable link. We recommend you preview the PDF of the most recent transcript by clicking the file name to confirm that it's the transcript you expect in terms of student and recency.
  3. Either check the box to confirm that this transcript is the one you wish to attach, or upload a different transcript that you locate on your computer.
  4. When you save the form, the Transcript PDF will now be attached. You may view this file again, and if necessary, you may remove it.
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