Teachers: Unassigning a student from a Common App Teacher Evaluation Request

Prior to completing documents for a student, a Teacher may correct an incorrectly assigned student so that the student may assign the correct Teacher. The student may initiate this by apologizing for accidentally assigning you as each school limits the number of evaluations they allow, or you may decide you aren’t able to give the student a complete evaluation.
  1. Navigate to the Common App Requests tab in MajorClarity.
  2. Under the Teacher Requests section, locate the student who has incorrectly requested you for a school.
  3. Click on the school name of the school you’d like to not submit an evaluation for, and once you’re sure you’d like to unassign the student, click the ‘Remove Student Teacher Assignment’ button.
  4. You are no longer assigned as the student’s Teacher evaluator for this school and the school will no longer be in your Teacher Requests for this student. The student will receive a notification that they need to assign a new Teacher.
  5. If the student has requested you for multiple schools and you would like to remove yourself from all Teacher Evaluations for the student, continue unassigning yourself from each school listed next to the student’s name.
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