Students: Signing the FERPA waiver in Common App

Completing this step will enable you to start assigning counselors and requesting teacher recommendations in MajorClarity for Common App applications.
  1. Make sure that your Common App account and MajorClarity account are connected.
  2. Log into your Common App account. --
  3. Navigate to the Common App tab > Education section and confirm or provide your High School. You only need to provide the high school at this point; you can fill out the rest of the Common App later. It’s important that this matches the school you’re associated with in MajorClarity!
  4. Now you need to add a school to your list! Navigate to the College Search tab in the Common App and add at least one school to which you’d like to apply.
  5. Time to sign your FERPA waiver so you can ask counselors and teachers to help with your Common App. Navigate to the My Colleges tab in the Common App and expand one of the schools you’ve added, then click on the Recommenders and FERPA
  6. Click the Complete Release Authorization and complete the FERPA waiver form.
pasted image 0.png
This screen displays when you haven't signed the FERPA waiver yet. Note that there's a prompt to "sign FERPA waiver."
The FERPA Waiver section will display 'Completed!' once you sign your waiver, along with whether you waived or did not waive your FERPA rights. You may now complete your Common App.
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