Students: Requesting Teacher Evaluations for Common App

Your teacher will be using MajorClarity to submit any Teacher Evaluations that are either required or optional for each college, therefore you’ll need to use MajorClarity to request these teacher evaluations. You will choose which teacher(s) you’d like to evaluate you for each school, and the selected teacher(s) will submit one evaluation that will be available to all assigned schools.
Make sure that you’ve connected your MajorClarity and Common App accounts, and that you’ve completed the FERPA waiver in your Common App account before proceeding.

High-level Overview

  • Teachers must be added to the 'Invited Teacher' list first (Step 1)
  • Assign the teacher to open slots for schools that require or accept Teacher Evaluations (Step 2)
  • Note: You must add this teacher to each school that should receive this teacher's evaluation
  • Teacher evaluation statuses can be review in MajorClarity and in your Common App account

Read the steps below for instructions, or check out this quick video:


Step 1: Creating your Teacher short-list

First you’ll create a short-list of teachers to send recommendation requests. Navigate to the Application Center in MajorClarity and click the ‘Add a Teacher’ button in the Common App banner. Note: If this button is grey/not able to be clicked, please follow the instructions to complete the FERPA waiver.


Start typing your teacher’s name and carefully select the name of your teacher, then click ‘Save’. This teacher will now be available when you request Teacher Evaluations for each school.


If you’d like your counselor to submit a teacher evaluation for any of your schools, you’ll need to add them to your Invited Teachers list in addition to the assigned counselor list.

Step 2: Assigning teachers to schools

After adding a teacher to your Selected Teachers list, you can immediately add them to one or more of your schools as long as they have open Teacher Evaluation slots. You can also complete this step later.
Before you start sending requests to teachers, make sure you understand the teacher evaluation requirements for each school. Different schools will have different requirements, and some will limit the number of optional teacher evaluations you can submit, so you’ll want to choose wisely. You can review the school’s teacher evaluation requirements by expanding the school in your application list or by finding this information in your Common App Account.
Once you’ve clicked Add, this is when your teacher will receive a notification letting them know that you’ve requested their evaluation for the school, and they’ll be able to submit their evaluation and include a letter of recommendation. You must repeat this step for every school that should receive this teacher's evaluation.


You can confirm they've been invited in the Common App info center at the top of the page in the Selected Teachers section. You'll see each teacher that was added to the selected list, and you can see the number of schools to which they've been assigned. If you click on the number of schools, you will see the list of schools. In the example below, the teacher was assigned to 1 school, the University of Miami.


You’ll also be able to review the status of their evaluation in both MajorClarity, and via your Common App account. Once you submit your application to the school, the teacher’s submitted teacher evaluation will be sent to the school as well.

Is your teacher from a different school district / not available in MajorClarity?

Sometimes students move, or teachers move away to different school districts. Currently, MajorClarity and Common App only supports electronic form submission for current teachers in your school district. If you're certain they're a current teacher in your school district, please reach out to our support team before proceeding with the below instructions.
If you would like another teacher from outside MajorClarity to count towards your Teacher Evaluation requirement, you will need to download the blank Teacher Evaluation PDF from your Common App portal. You can access this by the following instructions:
  1. Log into Common App
  2. Select one of your colleges
  3. Choose the Recommenders and FERPA tab
  4. Scroll down to the Teacher Evaluation section and click the link to download the Teacher Evaluation PDF form
  5. Provide the PDF to your teacher and instructions on the destination(s) -- we suggest providing the list of schools and mailing addresses/email addresses. Your teacher should ideally complete this form once, and send a copy to each college that you've specified.

Note: Manually submitted Common App forms will not have their status available in your Common App portal. Please verify receipt directly with the college.















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