Unsubmitting a Common App Form

Provided the college has not downloaded the form, Counselors and Teachers may unsubmit a form (such as the School Report or Teacher Evaluation) in order to provide corrections or to unassign a student.
In order to do so, you'll navigate to the student for which you've recently submitted a form. If the status of the form does not say "Downloaded" then you'll be presented with an option to Unsubmit the form as seen below. Click the 'Unsubmit Form' link and confirm that you wish to unsubmit the form.
If you intend for this form to be considered with the student's application, then it will need to be resubmitted by the appropriate deadline in order to be available to the school on time.
A note for Counselors
Some of the forms need to be unsubmitted in a particular order. For example, if you've submitted both a School Report and Mid Year Report and want to correct the School Report, you'll first need to unsubmit the Mid Year Report in order to unsubmit the School Report. Additionally, an Optional Report will need to be unsubmitted before the School Report can be unsubmitted.
If you're unable to unsubmit a report to correct an error, you have the ability to submit the Optional Report with any corrected information. This report may be submitted once.
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