Counselors/Teachers: Common App FAQ

Can the counselor or teacher just use the Common App site instead of MajorClarity to submit completion documents to Common App?
No; once the Common App module is active for the High School, counselors and teachers must submit documents via MajorClarity. The Common App platform will not allow students at these high schools to add counselors or teacher evaluators once we’ve registered your High School CEEB code with Common App. Additionally, you will not be able to see any record of these students within your Common App account (if you have one) -- they will only be accessible through MajorClarity.
If a counselor or teacher wishes to manually submit the required forms, the student may download the forms from the Common App platform and give them to their counselor or teacher to be emailed or mailed in.
Can a teacher or counselor customize their recommendation for each student’s college?
No; the majority of Common App completion documents are designed by Common App to be one per student, not one per student per school. The MajorClarity forms match the Common App forms. The verbiage within those counselor and teacher forms states that there should be no customization for the school was provided by Common App.
Why can't I see my assigned students in my Common App account? Does that mean something's wrong?
When using MajorClarity to complete the Common App process, all student assignments go through MajorClarity. You will not be able to see any information in your Common App account as it is a separate account. All information that you submit on the student's behalf will go through MajorClarity, and you will review any status information within MajorClarity as well. You can see the student's application status per college, as well as whether or not each form has been downloaded by at least one school.
Your student, however, will use Common App to complete their application and will be able to see form statuses within both MajorClarity and their Common App account. They will primarily use MajorClarity to assign a counselor and request teacher evaluations, if needed.
What if my student is seeing instructions to request documents within the Common App platform or to another service (eg Naviance)?
This could be occurring because the Common App doesn’t have a record of the high school’s CEEB in their system or the student has the wrong high school listed in the Education section of their Common App. In the unlikely event the Common App platform is referencing another platform for your high school, please contact MajorClarity support.
How will I know when I have new students for which to complete forms?
MajorClarity will automatically send notifications that are visible in your notification widget in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. You'll also receive an email. Counselors receive a notification each time a new student assigns them as their counselor. Teachers who have been requested to complete a Teacher Evaluation will receive a notification for each distinct student. Since the same evaluation is used for more than one school, the teacher only receives one notification per student.
Why are some of the forms showing as N/A or Optional?
Only the School Report is required for every school to which a student applies. All other reports either depend on a school requirement (Mid Year Report, Counselor Recommendation) or a student choice (Early Decision deadline, Fee Waiver) or are for optional purposes (Optional Report). The Mid Year Report and Counselor Recommendation can always be filled out, but if none of the student's colleges require it then it will say "Start Form (Optional)". You can also see the requirements by clicking on the college name. The Early Decision Agreement and Fee Waiver forms may only be completed when a student choice has made these forms available and will appear as N/A until that case exists.
The Final Report is required for any school where a student has decided to attend or is still considering, but waitlisted.
How do I submit this form? The submit button isn’t clickable.
All of the forms that require submission must first be ‘saved.’ This saving process triggers a data check to ensure that all required fields are answered and that they contain the type or length of answers that Common App will accept. Once all of the validations are satisfied by updating or providing answers, the Submit button will be clickable.
If you change any information after a successful 'save,' you will need to resave the form before submitting to ensure the most recent answers are submitted.
I’m a counselor/teacher at multiple schools -- what CEEB should I provide on my Counselor or Teacher Profile?
Unfortunately, Common App only allows a Counselor or Teacher to provide one CEEB code on their Profile. We suggest providing the CEEB code of the school you support most often. You may also update your Profile as you’re working on students’ forms from different schools, but this step is not necessary. It’s most important that your contact information is accurate.
My student isn't able to add me as a teacher or counselor; they are receiving an error when they try to do so. Why?
If a student from a school that doesn't use MajorClarity for Common App form submission invited you using your primary district email, then that may be preventing students from your school from sending an invite via MajorClarity. Common App only allows teachers and counselors to submit forms via one method per email account (where a method is MajorClarity, the Common App site, or another platform like Naviance). In order to clear up your primary email address to be used with MajorClarity, you can contact Common App Support or MajorClarity support.
You'll need to provide another non-district email address so that students from other districts may add you as a recommender. You will use that email address to log in directly to Common App for those students instead of MajorClarity.
Why is the student's deadline showing as "TBD"?
If a student has added one or more schools, but their deadline is still displaying as "TBD," it means that they haven't yet selected their 'admission plan' for any of their selected schools. In order for a deadline to display, they need to go into their Common App and select this plan for each school to which they intend to apply.
The form won't let me submit but isn't showing any validations -- what should I do?
Before reaching out to our support team, please double check that any PDFs you've attached to your form do not contain any encryption. This may cause the import process and submission to fail. If you're still unable to submit, please reach out to our live chat support or contact
I realized that I submitted something incorrectly on one of the forms; can I correct it?
If you've caught it soon enough and the form hasn't been downloaded by any of the student's schools, then you can unsubmit the form, correct the error, and resubmit the form. Make sure you re-submit by the application deadline for it to count.
Counselors: The optional report may be used at any point in the academic year to submit corrected grades and/or transcripts, as well as to correct errors previously submitted on any recommendation form.
My student graduated already, how can they complete their Common App?
Graduated students may log into MajorClarity using the 'Have you graduated?' link at Once they're logged in, they will connect their Common App account and add their counselor/teachers just like currently enrolled students. They will display in your list of students on the Common App Requests tab just like your other students.
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