Staff: Notifications for Work-Based Learning Applications

Students, staff, and/or employers will receive notifications from MajorClarity as a student's application moves through the application process. The goal is to ensure the parties with an action item are informed that it's their turn to move the application forward or to notify that party of the current status.
Notifications can be found in the upper, right-hand corner of MajorClarity. If you click on the number, you will be taken to the notifications page to see more information about each notification and to mark them as read. Users will also receive an email notification letting them know there's new activity to check. 

Controlling who receives notifications

The 'Opportunity Owner' will receive all notifications about an opportunity. This can be configured to be any admin with the WBL feature role or any employer user associated to the selected WBL Partner. At this time, only one user can be indicated as the opportunity owner. There are dependencies on which staff users can be owners for a given opportunity: their access level (school vs district admin) and the scope of an opportunity. For example, School Admins cannot be the owner of a district-wide opportunity.
In the event the district is using the 'approval' step in which WBL admins must approve a student to proceed in the application process (after completing permission forms, etc), this notification goes to all staff users with either the school admin or district admin role. The role that is responsible for approval can be configured when the opportunity is created, however there are defaults in place for the most likely scenarios. For example, school-specific opportunities default to school admin approval.
Please note that this help article refers to our Work-Based Learning add-on that enables districts to post internally sourced WBL opportunities for students. It's a full WBL application management workflow.
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