Staff: Pulling Reports by Alpha Segment

While setting an alpha segment will limit the display (and messaging abilities) on the admin's dashboard on the Students tab, it will not automatically apply the same filtering to MajorClarity Reports. Not to worry - this article will walk you through the steps to do so!
To apply an alpha segment filter to a Report, counselors will need to take two steps:
First, set your student segment (alpha)
  • Click your Account tab
  • Indicate your starting and ending segment on that screen.
    • Keep in mind, segments will pull students up to the letter you indicate.
    • So, if you work with students whose last names end in 'Z,' you'll need to indicate 'Zz' as your ending segment.
  • Click Save. b2fb2dbf07-4e132c963726778fa261.png
Next, build a Group for that segment (i.e. 'A - Cu')
  • Click your Groups tab.
  • Click Create new Group and give it a name (i.e. A - Cu').
  • Click the Actions button (look for three dots!), and click Add Students.
  • Then, use the add all users button at the top of your student list to add all students with one click.
    • (Once the alpha segment is set in step one, it will automatically apply as the default view on this screen, meaning the students displaying in the dashboard of your Students tab will all be added to the group when you select the 'add all users' button.) b6aad2cb04-5a1d7e49cd2a9d7633df.png
Once the Group has been created, you can select it as a filter for all relevant reports in MajorClarity’s Reports tab.
If you're unfamiliar with Reports, check out: Staff: How to Pull a Report.
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