Staff: How to Pull a Report

MajorClarity has multiple reports intended to provide insight and accountability for our District Partners. You can easily pull reports by following the steps below.

Using a Pre-Built Report

Step 1: In the Admin Role click the Reports tab. 0cb8b3cfbe-4b969f98f5644da2fc88.jpeg
Step 2: Click on the title of the report you want to pull or click the Request button in the Actions menu to view the report overview page.  e8c037db14-c55c05e7f9d0ac9a2598.png
The report overview page will show you which attributes are included in the selected report.
Step 3: Click New Request fc3ee8fd61-4975c3801ed2698ff87c.png
Step 4: Add Filters & Submit
From the report overview page, select filters (if applicable) by clicking the down arrow for each filter option. You may also select specific grade levels you would like included in your report. Filters are optional.
When you are ready to request the report, click the blue Submit button. 3e2babee25-20e3e448808eae8c72a4.png
A Report Requested message will flash at the top of the screen once the request has been made.
Step 5: Report Statuses
Report request statuses and recently requested reports can be viewed on individual overview pages for each report type.
There are (3) Report statuses:
  • Queued
  • Started
  • Completed c3ec39f2fb-13ede2711ec514c7c34f.png
To view ALL recent report requests and statuses, click the Staff: How to Pull a Report tab to return to the main Reports page. From here, select the blue Recent Requests button. 46fee9a2ef-defbe3f65cf1c7ed0dc7.png
Step 6: Download Your Report
Once the requested report has finished processing, you will receive an email from notifying you that the report is finished and ready to download.
Click the Download button next to the report status to save the file to your device. Most reports are provided in CSV file format. f66a22c6d7-d7ef113bf363ab759f84.png
Most reports do not take long to complete, and it is therefore not always necessary to wait for a notification email before accessing the completed report - you can refresh the individual report overview page of the report you requested or the Recent Requests page to see status updates in real time.
Finished reports will show a Completed status once they are ready to download.
*Once you have downloaded and opened the report, you can filter and organize the data to your liking. 27fb109cd7-706694758f42d68eaf18.jpeg


Creating a Custom Report

MajorClarity allows Admin to create Custom Reports for the following metrics: Student; Staff; School; District; Survey Response; Work-based learning application; Postsecondary application; Microcredential progress; Planned course; Professional Learning progress; and Transcript request.
Follow the steps below to create a Custom Report:
Step 1: From the Reports tab click the blue Custom Report button. 5e6f9dc53e-1436b1df58a5f2e5c171.png
Step 2: Enter the Title and a Description for your report, and then choose which type of report you would like to create by selecting an option from the Measure drop-down menu. Click Save. 27204e9cca-9a2b736b6f6cec4fa6ec.png
Step 3: Click the ☑️next to the attributes you would like to include in your custom report. ff61686da3-f64884a3712892bf99d7.png
Step 4: Add filters to your custom report (if needed) and then click Save. e02f592bc7-75021ad37b7368a96d63.jpeg
Custom reports are listed at the bottom of the list of available reports on the main Reports page, and can be pulled by following the same steps used to request a pre-built report.


To Edit a Custom Report

  • Click the Actions button (three dots) to the right of the report title and select Edit.
  • Edit the report Title, Description, Dimensions and/or filter options, then click Save.
  • Click the blue Back to Reports button at the top of the page to return the main Reports page; locate the new custom report in your list, select the Actions button and click Request to begin processing the report.

Report Access by Role Type: c1343aa7f9-75667df30bfefc33240c.png

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