Single-course access to Professional Learning

Any staff member in districts that do not have district-wide Professional Learning access will have the opportunity to purchase lifetime access to each available Professional Learning course.
For more information on the courses and what's included with the purchase price, visit this page in our Partner Hub: f9ba1ca47d-78c4cc08fa801b4187a3.png
In order to purchase access to a course, click the 'Learn More or Purchase Now' link on the desired course to be taken to a page detailing the course. From there, you'll be able to navigate to a Stripe payment page to make your purchase. Make sure you've selected the correct course before proceeding to the Stripe page.
After entering your information and clicking 'Pay,' your payment will begin processing and there will be a yellow box indicating this. Please wait on this screen until processing is complete. When complete, you will be automatically redirected back to MajorClarity. f915c4410a-6d7e8159803e3f76b70b.png
Now that you have access to your course, get started now or come back when you have time! Any progress you have made will be saved for when you're ready to continue. You'll also be able to send a copy of your course completion information to your supervisor in case they need proof of completion.
Supervisors can pull a report for all those who have completed a MajorClarity Professional Learning course, even if your District has not purchased district-wide access.
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