Parent: How to use MajorClarity

In this article, we will review the features available to Parents/Guardians of a student that uses MajorClarity.

What is MajorClarity?

MajorClarity is a career exploration platform that links classroom learning to post-secondary preparation through a highly personalized, student-driven academic and career planning system. MajorClarity merges counseling, career development initiatives, and CTE to inform students about their opportunities, and support them in building out a plan of study that is reflective of their individual strengths, abilities, interests, and long-term goals.

Accessing Your Student's Academic and Career Plan

  • Enter the guardian email on file with your student's school system/district.
  • Click Request.
  • If a match is found in our system, an email will be sent to the guardian(s) of the respective student(s) with a link to download a VIEW ONLY version of their academic and career plan.
  • If a match is not found, you'll need to contact your student's school to have your email added. a23b7c8b2b-2257ca54d19e1475bf42.png
Please note that this process is for viewing purposes only - to sign digitally or to inquire about your child's plan, please contact your student's school or counselor directly.

Signing your Student's Academic and Career Plan

School staff members can communicate, message, and send digitized plans directly to parents/guardians through the MajorClarity platform. You may receive an email from that asks you to VIEW and SIGN your student's ACP. This means a staff member from your student's school has sent this information to you for review: 3419309154-daefcfbd32b384fa8c9e.png
  • Click the link titled View academic report within the email.
  • Click View student report to view your student's ACP - including information like their education goals, selected Pathway, and planned courses.
  • Once you're ready to sign, add your signature to the Signature box and click Sign document.
  • You may also wish to leave a comment for the counselor or school administrator that sent the document.
  • This link is only valid for 7 days. MajorClarity staff can not send this to parents if the link has expired. If your link has timed out, or if you have any questions, please reach out to your student's school or counselor directly. ee24b7167c-06466b6358986d598e4b.png
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