District Admin: Configuring student portfolio tasks

Note: Changes to these settings will reset the student progress tracker to a completion rating of 0% - making adjustments once the school year is already underway is not recommended!
Purpose: Configuration of grade-specific portfolio tasks encourages independent learning and is a way to communicate annual expectations for student usage within the MajorClarity platform.
Note: Only district-admins have the ability to update these settings
The tracker configuration will determine what each grade level sees on their progress tracker. This is found in their portfolio under My Progress.
Portfolio tasks should be updated annually prior to the start of the school year. District admins should align the tracker with grade-specific state CCR objects or requirements.
To customize these settings for your district:
  • Login to MajorClarity
  • Click District Settings
  • Make your way through each grade level at the top of the page to adjust settings for the selected grade level: 9f25e42dbb-418473f7b31140b1f50f.png
To customize a task, you will click on a grade level that you want to edit and do either of the following:
  • Click on a square to check or uncheck a task
  • Change the number of tasks that will need to be completed to finish the activity
Once you have completed your edits, scroll down and click Save Student Progress Tracker to save your progress.
Note: Without customization, a standard set of tasks will appear for all students. The standard can be found in the screenshot below: 3a6649622e-6e08c8feb6d852c500ef.png
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our real-time MajorClarity Support agents or your Account Manager.
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