Student: My Portfolio Features

In the My Portfolio tab a student can do the following:
  • Access relevant Survey requests from school staff members (district or school-wide)
  • See Inventory grade-level portfolio task progress
  • Edit profile settings and preferences
  • Track career path test drive activity
  • Review district pathway and course selections
  • Manage items on platform Favorites list
  • View Course History records
  • Manage their Micro-credentials (High School students only)
  • Upload portfolio artifacts and view artifacts uploaded by school staff members
  • Add classroom codes shared by your teacher

Survey Requests

Staff members within the school may wish to create and provide a Survey to certain students. Any surveys relevant for you (as a student) will display at the very top of the My Portfolio page.
  • To start a survey, click Take Survey.
  • The Survey questions will be in one of the following formats:
    • Short Answer
    • Multiple Choice
    • Rating System
  • Once you've completed your Survey answers, click Submit Responses.
  • Following submission of your responses, the Survey will disappear and be counted towards your Progress Tracker task (if applicable). MPF_1.png

My Progress

Under Portfolio Overview, students can monitor their Portfolio Task Progress through a Progress Tracker. Try these activities to help complete your academic planning and reach 100% for the academic year. MPF_2.png
For more information on how the Student Progress Tracker works, click here.

Settings and Preferences

To the right of the Progress Tracker, students can manage their profile settings and preferences as needed.   
  • Change your password for direct login to MajorClarity.
  • Enter your Degree preference.
  • Enter ACT/SAT/PSAT scores.
  • Enter your GPA.
  • Add your age (especially helpful for Work-Based Learning applications onsite).
  • Enter a Classroom Code given to you by your Teacher.


Career Path Test Drives

Directly under the Progress Tracker, Students can track Career Path test drive activity within MajorClarity.
Once you've started exploring Career Paths within the Career Exploration tab, you'll have the opportunity to watch Interviews and try out Simulation Activities for each Career Path that interests you.
Be sure to click Score Your Fit when you're done to give that Interview or Activity a rating. Ratings help the platform determine better career path suggestions for you. This is what we consider a Career Path Test Drive, and you'll be able to monitor and review interviews and activities you've rated in this section of your Portfolio: MPF_4.png
The Career Path name is a Hyperlink in this section, so click the Name to navigate directly to that Career Path Interview or Activity.

My Academic Planning

To the right of the Career Path Test Drive section, students can review district pathways and course selections. If you've selected a Pathway in the Academic Planning tab, the Pathway name will show up here, along with the associated Career Cluster. MPF_5.png
  • If you've already chosen a Pathway, click Review Plan of Study, to review and/or plan your future courses to align with your Pathway selection.
  • If you decide you'd like to change your Pathway direction at any point in time, click Change Pathway to select a new Pathway. Your course selections will remain but may need to be updated to accommodate your new Pathway selection.


Directly under Career Path Test Drives, you'll find the Favorites section of My Portfolio. Here, you can manage items that you've Starred or Favorited throughout the platform and unfavorite them to remove them from your list. You can also click one of the hyperlinks to navigate to that part of the platform: MPF_6.png
Items included in this section:
  • Career Paths - Career Paths you've starred in the Career Exploration tab.
  • Occupations - Occupations are found at the very bottom of any Career Path page. Occupations that you've starred will show up here.
  • Postsecondary Institutions - institutions you have starred within the Postsecondary Exploration tab.
  • Scholarships - available scholarships you've starred within the Financial Resources tab.
  • Internships and Opportunities - opportunities you've starred within the Work-Based Learning tab.

Course History

Under Favorites, you'll see all of your Course History information (if available). This includes courses you've already taken: MPF_7.png
You'll see the following information:
  • Grade level when the course was completed
  • Subject area
  • Course name
  • Term information
  • Final grade (indicated by Passed, Failed, or Incomplete)
Note: This is based on the data sent to us by your district. If you notice anything missing or incorrect, please let your counselor know.



Under Course History, you can keep track of your Micro-credentials progress. Any Micro-credential course you've started will show up in this section. MPF_8.png
  • To dive back into a Micro-credential course you've started (but not completed), click Continue.
  • Any courses you've completed and passed will show here as well with a Ribbon. MPF_9.png
Note: This will only appear for High School Students: grades 9-12.



The final section at the very bottom of your Portfolio is Documents. Here, you can upload portfolio artifacts that you'd like to link to your MajorClarity account, and review any documents uploaded by your counselors, teachers, coaches, etc. MPF_10.png
To upload a new document to your account:
  • Click Browse
  • Select your document
  • Give it a Title
  • Click Upload Document
Any linked documents will display at the top of this section.
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