District Admin: Managing Staff Accounts

District Admins have access to a Staff tab that allows them to review current information about any staff members that have MajorClarity accounts. From this tab, you can see the following information for each team member:
  • Name
  • Role
  • Email
  • Last Login
  • Advisor code (if applicable)
  • School
District Admins can also use this tab to perform any of the following actions:
  • Add a new staff member
  • Edit an existing staff member
  • Remove an existing staff member
Please see instructions below for each individual action. If you have any trouble, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at support@majorclarity.com. 


Adding a New Staff Account

If you do not see an account listed for the staff member needing a login, please follow these steps:
Step 1: Log into MajorClarity and go to the Staff tab.
Step 2: Click New User.
Step 3: Enter all of the requested information for this staff member.
  • Email address (district/school email address preferred)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Role (Role determines access to features and student data within MajorClarity. Please assign the appropriate role for the staff member.)
  • School (If a “school admin” level user requires access to multiple schools, please reach out to MajorClarity support.)
*Reminder about role types within MajorClarity. District Admin will allow access to all student information in the district, as well as backend district settings - typically reserved for higher level main MajorClarity contacts. Use caution in assigning this role type. School Admin will allow access to all students within a certain school - great for counselors, coaches, and principals. Advisor will allow staff to connect with certain students via a classroom code - perfect for teachers.
Additionally, all Elementary staff should carry the School Admin role type, including Teachers.
Visit the Staff: User Account Types article for more information.
Step 4: Click Save.
Step 5: Provide newly added staff with instructions on how to access MajorClarity.

Editing an Existing Staff Account

If a staff member already has an account with MajorClarity, but needs some information updated, please follow these steps:
Step 1: Log into MajorClarity and go to the Staff tab.
Step 2: Locate the desired Staff account using our search tool at the top of the page.
Step 3: Click the "three dots" under Actions next to the desired Staff account.
Step 4: Click Edit.
Step 5: Update any information that has changed - email address, first or last name, role type, or assigned school.
All Elementary staff should carry the School Admin role type, including Teachers.
Step 6: Click Save.
Please note: you will not be able to update email addresses for any staff members that are currently connected and actively using Common App. Please reach out in our Live Chat or support@majorclarity.com for assistance for this action.

Removing a Staff Account

District admins now have the capability to remove the account of a staff member who should no longer have access to MajorClarity. Staff members who have been removed will no longer be able to log into MajorClarity, and they will not show up on Staff Reports nor will they count in any metrics involving staff.
There are a few instances in which you cannot remove a staff member until certain connections between that user and students are handled:
  • The user is connected to a student via the MajorClarity / Common App integration. If the user is assigned as a Counselor or Teacher, these assignments will need to be updated before they are removed.
  • The user is connected to a Work-Based Learning opportunity and/or scheduled interview.
    • Note: Anybody with 'WBL admin' can reassign the owner of a WBL opportunity to clear this connection
How to remove a user
Step 1: Log into MajorClarity and go to the Staff tab.
Step 2: Locate the user you'd like to delete and click the 'Actions' dots next to the user's information and click Remove:
Step 3: Verify that you wish to remove this user's access. This can be undone, but not without contacting support, so please ensure they no longer need access before proceeding.
Step 4: If the user has no blocking connections, you'll see a 'User successfully removed' message. If there are issues preventing their removal, they will be listed at the top of the page. Please contact support to resolve these connections so that you may successfully remove the user. If you are deleting many users at once, it may be helpful to identify a list of users with conflicts to expedite their removal.
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