Staff: Adding Local Scholarships

If you have Local Scholarships available in your district, you can use MajorClarity to help manage and promote these opportunities to your students. When a student is researching scholarships in the Financial Resources tab, they have the ability to filter by your available Local Scholarships as well. This article will walk you through the steps of creating and managing your Local Scholarships.

Only District and School Admins have the ability to create and manage Local Scholarships.
Local Scholarships will be visible district-wide. If an opportunity is school-specific, we'd recommend adding the school name or another type of identifier to the title of your Scholarship.

Adding a new Local Scholarship

  • Visit the Scholarships tab.
  • Click New Scholarship at the top of the page.


  • Enter Scholarship details:
    • Scholarship name
    • Scholarship details
    • Deadline details
    • Application URL
    • Application Instructions
  • Use the Upload file button to attach a supporting document, if needed.


  • Enter Award details:
    • Award amount min
    • Award amount max
  • Enter any applicable Criteria details:
    • Min age
    • Max age
    • Min GPA
    • Max GPA
    • Min ACT
    • Max ACT
    • Min SAT composite
    • Max SAT composite
    • Gender
    • Enrollment
  • Enter Sponsor + Contact information (Name + Phone number)
  • Click Update


Managing Local Scholarships

Once a Local Scholarship has been created, you can come back to the Scholarships tab anytime to update or remove information. If a Scholarship is offered year-to-year, this means that you can create it once in MajorClarity, and update it each year with the new information and dates.
  • Navigate to the Scholarships tab.
  • To manage a Scholarship opportunity, click the 3 dots next to it on the right hand side.
  • To view the current details, click Show. (You can also click the name of the Scholarship to see this view).
  • Click Edit to update information.
  • Click Delete to fully remove the Local Scholarship if it's no longer available.


Student View

To see what it looks like the on the Student side, click Role and select the Student option. Navigate to the Financial Resources tab to see your newly added Local Scholarships among the options that automatically populate from our a national Scholarship database.







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