Employer (1): WBL Account Setup

Before the setup process begins, Districts should decide how they'd like to facilitate Work-Based Learning in MajorClarity. There are two options:
Option 1 - Employer-Driven - Employers can create accounts/opportunities and manage the entire process via a secure access code from MajorClarity that only the district can distribute.
Option 2 - District-Driven - If the district wants full control and/or they'd like to do the lift for Employers, the WBL coordinator (with WBL permissions) will have access to manage the entire process.
Employer - Driven Setup Instructions
Only one account per organization is needed. Within each organization’s MajorClarity account, you’ll be able to add multiple people/employees.
Please use a supported internet browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. Internet Explorer is no longer supported.
Setting up an account


  • Enter your email information.
    • Use a generic email address and password if others at your organization will share this portal
    • However, other employees can also be added for maintenance assistance and will use their own email/password in that case.
  • Description - add a description for your organization. Keep in mind that this will be visible to students throughout the district. We recommend keeping it short but specific.
  • WBL Access Code - enter the WBL Access Code provided by your district contact. This can only be provided by the school district - NOT MajorClarity staff.
  • Fill in the remaining required fields, like Number of Employees, Company Address etc.
  • Click Sign Up
  • Once you have created your organization’s account, sign in and set up your Search Settings.
Setting up Search Settings
Search settings are one way in which students can find your opportunities based on search filters they apply. The Search Settings page will pop up by default when you first login.
  • Career Cluster - select the Career Cluster that best represents your organization as a whole. Career Clusters are referenced throughout the student’s experience in MajorClarity and are helpful in making connections with their searches.
  • Majors - select all Majors (Career Paths) relevant to your business and the opportunities you’ll be posting.
*These will become your default settings at the organization level, but note they can be changed for individual opportunities. You must add at least some Majors to continue.
Click Save at the bottom of the page.
Inviting Other Team Members (Employees)
Other employees within your organization can also be added as Team Members for maintenance assistance. In this instance, they will use their own email/password.
  • Go to the Employees tab on the side bar menu.
  • Add the email address of any employee you wish to invite.
    • Note - email provided cannot already be in use with a standard K12 MajorClarity account. In this case, a school staff member can reach out to their Account Manager to have the WBL Role added to their existing account.
  • Invited employees will receive an email from hello@majorclarity.com asking them to create a password to sign in. Passwords must be at least 8 characters in length.
  • All employees associated with the organization’s account will receive notifications for all posted opportunities.
You are now ready to start Creating Opportunities!
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