Staff: Student View from Your Account

All Admins in MajorClarity have the option to switch their role at any time to see the Student view.
  • Want to take the personality assessment or view the Career Exploration options?
  • Are you walking students through the login process in real-time?
  • Would you like to give the micro-credentials a trial run before implementation?

This Student view is a great opportunity to put yourself in the student's shoes. By default, you will see your Admin view when you login, but making the switch is easy!

  • Login to MajorClarity.
  • Click Role in the upper right-hand side of the screen.
  • Select Student in the dropdown menu.
  • If your district is licensed to use the Elementary platform, you can also switch to Student (Elementary).


You will now see exactly what your students see! Anytime you'd like to switch back to your own Admin account, you can simply click Role once again and select your Admin role type in the dropdown.

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