Staff: WBL Overview and FAQ

Q: What is Work-Based Learning?
A: Work-based learning (WBL) is an extension of the core MajorClarity platform that allows districts and local employers to post a variety of opportunities for students and manage workflows around the student application and placement process. Our WBL tool enables WBL partner profile creation, supports flexible opportunities for 13 types of work-based learning, and enables a centralized digital student application process for students, WBL partners, and school staff with data tracking and rigorous platform security.
Student journey - as students work from top to bottom on the platform, this is the natural next step following Discovery (Assessments, Career Exploration), Planning (Academic Planning/Course Selection) and Resume Building. Once a student has revealed interests and career fits, they can start making connections with that information through WBL - industry field trips, job shadows, internships, etc. Use the search feature to find relative opportunities to their selected Pathway.
Q: What is the cost of WBL?
A: MajorClarity’s WBL tool is licensed in addition to the core platform, and is only licensed at the district level. Enabling it for specific schools is not a current option. Districts will not incur additional setup costs to activate the WBL tool. There is a floor price of $1,000 minimum to enable the WBL extension. WBL pricing per district will vary based on district size; please contact the MajorClarity team for a quote.
Q: How do I activate WBL if I’m a current MajorClarity partner?
A: To activate WBL, districts should contact their Customer Success Manager or Account Specialist. No additional data integration is required beyond MajorClarity’s standard 6 files. However, if your district is not currently sending guardian email information, that info will be required to utilize parent approval functions. Setup is quick and easy and requires the following basics: confirmation of approval method, employer account creation, and which staff to give WBL feature access.
Q: How is Student Data protected?
A: Districts have the ability to configure the student application approval method in a variety of ways to ensure data is never shared with WBL partners unless formally approved by guardian, school administrator, or both. By default, all student PII (personally identifiable information) is stripped from student applications and blurred out to any non-district reviewers. This means WBL partners can review applications in an anonymous manner without having access to student name, contact information, or school.
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