District (5): WBL Scheduling Student Interviews + Offers

This article will walk an District WBL Admin through the final stages of the student application process - scheduling student interviews and extending opportunity offers.
Requesting and Scheduling an Interview
  • Use a supported internet browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Edge
  • Once an applicant responds to your questionnaire, you once again have two options:
    • Reject the application
    • Request an interview
  • Interviews may be scheduled virtually as a phone conference directly through MajorClarity, in-person at a school or at an onsite WBL location.
  • Use the calendar tool in MajorClarity to propose dates + times:
    • Applicants have the same view as WBL Admins and can also propose dates + times.
    • Applicants will be notified for each time you propose.


  • Once you or the student accept a proposed time, this triggers the application to move into the Interview Stage.
    • For virtual interviews, a conference line number will appear on-screen at the time of interview within MajorClarity.
    • Students and the District need to have the application screen pulled up to view the conference line number.
    • Anyone can join the conference line as long as they have the conference room number and PIN. For example, if you wanted someone else affiliated with the company to join the interview (in addition to you), you could share the conference phone number and PIN with them.


  • Once the interview is complete, select We have finished the interview:
    • This button will only become visible once a time has been confirmed by both parties for the interview.
    • Interviews can be rescheduled up until this button has been pressed. Afterwards, you will no longer be able to reschedule interviews via MajorClarity.
  • Once the Interview Stage is complete, you’ll be able to reject the applicant, or create and extend an offer.



Extending an Offer
  • After an interview is complete, you will be able to create and extend an offer on behalf of the employer to a selected applicant(s)
    • Offers may be sent to more than one student per each opportunity.
  • Fill out basic details for your offer (start date, wage, description, etc.)
  • Click Save Offer Details.
    • You may edit these afterwards before sending, if needed.
  • Extend your offer!
    • You’ll be notified once a student accepts.



Student Contact Information
  • Upon accepting an offer, students will be prompted to provide their personal contact info.
    • This will allow you to get in touch to coordinate next steps forward outside of MajorClarity:
    • Details include school email, alternate email, contact phone:



Follow-Up Steps
Once you’ve extended an offer and had the position accepted, you’ll want to follow these additional steps:
  • Hide the opportunity to prevent additional applications.
  • Reject all other applicants to make them aware the position has been filled.
  • If not, pending applicants will still see your opportunity and not know that it is no longer available.
  • We encourage providing specific student feedback whenever rejecting to allow students to learn from the process!
Note - It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw from all other applications once they’ve accepted an offer.
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