District (4) : WBL Student Application Management

MajorClarity supports custom workflows for many different WBL application types. Most commonly, the student application process entails:
  1. Student submission of resume + cover letter
  2. WBL partner selecting written questionnaire prompts and sending to selected students
  3. Inviting finalist students to move forward to a virtual [phone conference] or in-person interview
  4. Extending an official offer
District Admins can configure the workflow steps needed for each Opportunity Type in the WBL Types tab.
This article will walk the District WBL Admin through student application submission, reviewing candidates, and selecting students to move forward to the questionnaire prompt stage.
If you are using a District-Driven approach to WBL, then you as the WBL admin will be the one doing the heavy lifting (rather than the Employer), it will be up to you to communicate with the Employer and move the student through the application process - start to finish.
Viewing Notifications
  • Use a supported internet browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Edge
  • For each visible (live) opportunity in which you are the owner, you will receive notifications in MajorClarity about student applications.
  • Notifications are found in the top right menu of your screen. You should also receive all notifications via email.
Reviewing Applications
  • Opportunity Owners will be notified each time a new student applies.
  • You can Review Applicants one of two ways:
  • Direct link to the application from the notification you received OR
  • Visit the WBL Opportunities Tab and click on Applications


  • Applicants will be separated by school year to keep track of each new cycle.
  • Click Applicant Details for a given applicant to see their application information, such as resume, cover letter, and personal details.
    • *Remember, it is the student’s responsibility to complete their application fully. MajorClarity cannot be held responsible for poor application content. We recommend providing constructive feedback whenever rejecting a student applicant.
  • Click View to view the application status of the student, and to move it forward (or reject it)
  • For each application, you always have two options:
    • Reject application
    • Select & send questionnaire (or designated next step)


Sending Questionnaires
To continue forward with an applicant following a resume/cover letter submission, the process is dependent on WBL Type. Most commonly, the first step is to send a questionnaire.
  • Select from the questionnaire list which questions you’d like to send and click Select These Questions.
  • The student will be notified once the questionnaire is sent, and you will be notified once the student has them completed.


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