District (3): WBL Opportunities Management


MajorClarity’s WBL tool supports many different types of WBL opportunities, ranging from job shadowing to service learning to paid (or unpaid) internships. WBL partners and schools can post, edit, and manage student opportunities all in one secure spot for students. You’ll be able to hide opportunities while you work on them (on behalf of your partner) and make them visible when you’re ready.
This article walks the WBL Coordinator(s) for the District through the process of creating and managing opportunities available for their partner's organization.
*Please Note that you must be a District Admin or School Admin and have the WBL Admin Feature Role added to your account to manage the WBL process. Contact your account manager for this permission if needed.
Creating a new WBL Opportunity in MajorClarity
First, you will need at least some WBL Partner profiles created before you can get started setting up opportunities. Now that you've completed the setup process for your WBL Partners, you're ready to create new opportunities for students!
Please note that opportunities can be scoped district-wide or school-wide based on who is creating it and the settings you choose. You may want to discuss with others in your district to ensure you're creating opportunities appropriately.
Please use a supported internet browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. Internet Explorer is no longer supported.
  • Login to MajorClarity at https://app.paper.co/majorclarity.
  • Click the WBL Opportunities tab on the left to add (or edit) your partner's postings.
  • Click New WBL Opportunity in the top right to start a new posting.


  • Select the WBL Partner that's offering this opportunity.
  • Indicate a WBL Type for the Opportunity
  • Decide the scope of the opportunity.
    • District-wide will make the posting visible to all students in the district.
    • School-wide allows you to scope the visibility of the posting only to a particular school.


Note: If you are a school admin creating the opportunity, it will automatically scope to your associated school only and it will not be available to students outside of your school. If the opportunity needs to be district-wide, please have a district admin create it.
  • Designate an Owner for the posting.
    • *Note: this is the person who will receive all notifications about the posting and who will most closely manage the application management process.
  • Add in a description for your posting:
    • May not exceed 1000 characters. You may attach a document for a lengthier description.
    • Bold, Italics, Underline, Numbered Lists, or Bulleted Lists are all available to format your description text.
  • Complete all other Opportunity details, like name (title), wage/compensation, and eligibility criteria.
    • *Note : Additional Eligibility Criteria box allows Numbered Lists and Bulleted Lists for formatting.
    • Associated Course is an optional field that allows you to add text if there is a particular Course or Program that's alligned with your WBL opportunity. There is also an option to add Associated Course as a dimension in Custom Reporting within MajorClarity in the event that you need to report on this information.
  • Add any supporting documentation for this role:
    • Do you need to upload specific approval documents or waivers?
    • Does your WBL Partner have a flier, website, or an expectations document that would be helpful context for students?
  • Set Visibility parameters:
    • Do you want this posting to be live now for students? If so, make sure visibility setting is Yes - visible to students.
    • If you don't want students applying yet, set it to No - hide from students.
  • Indicate the most relevant Career Cluster for your posting.
  • Click Save opportunity at the bottom of the page when you are done.


Editing Existing Opportunities
Opportunities created previously will remain in the system and can be edited/reused if desired. There is no need to create new listings for each new school year; you may reuse previous postings.
  • Go to the WBL Opportunities tab to view/edit all listings for your partners.
  • To repost a previous position, make any edits, save, and then click the Show button making it visible to students.
  • To hide (or close) an open opportunity, click the Hide button. This prevents the opportunity from being visible or searchable by students.
  • If you need to fully remove an opportunity that is no longer needed, click Delete.
  • The Applications button will allow you to manage open applications for that posting.


WBL Opportunities Page Features
View all of your active opportunities in Card or List view by clicking the desired option at the top of the page.
  • Card View allows you to see more details about the posting, such as description, attachments, documents and more:


  • List View allows you to see a more condensed list of your active opportunities so that you can easily locate them and edit them in bulk. To edit an individual opportunity, click the Opportunity Name.


Bulk updates in List View
In list view, you can enable multiple opportunities to be selected via checkbox. When at least one opportunity is selected, the following actions are available to click: Show Opportunity, Hide Opportunity, Delete.
  • When Show Opportunity is selected, all checked opportunities will be set to Visible.
  • When Hide Opportunity is selected, all checked opportunities will be set to Hidden.
  • When Delete is selected, a confirmation window will appear that says "Are you sure you want to delete all of the selected opportunities? This cannot be undone." If 'Delete' is selected again, all checked opportunities will be Deleted.
  • Once multiple opportunities are selected, you also have the option to Clear selection to start over.


Search Bar
There is a search bar at the top of the WBL Opportunities page if you'd like to search the following:
  • Opportunity Name
  • WBL Partner
  • Student's application (search for a specific student's name)
  • Opportunity Owner (view just your opportunities, an employer's, or another staff member if you're covering)
  • Scope (available to District Admins and WBL Partners)
Click 'submit' to apply any filters you've selected.
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