District (2): WBL Partner Setup and Management

Before the setup process begins, Districts should decide how they'd like to facilitate Work-Based Learning in MajorClarity. There are two options:
Option 1 - Employer-Driven - Employers (i.e. 'WBL Partners') can create accounts/opportunities and manage the entire student application process via a secure access code from MajorClarity that only the district can distribute.
Option 2 - District-Driven - If the district wants full control and/or they'd like to do the lift for Employers, designated WBL coordinators (with WBL account permissions in MajorClarity) will have access to manage the entire student application process.
District-Driven Setup Instructions
These instructions will walk the WBL coordinator (assigned for the district and can be one or multiple people - district admin or school admin) through the setup process as they’ll be creating WBL profiles on behalf of WBL employers/organizations.
Please use a supported internet browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. Internet Explorer is no longer supported.
Creating a new WBL Partner Profile
Once your MajorClarity account manager has enabled permissions to your account as a WBL representative for your district, you will see (3) new tabs to manage the process - WBL Partners, WBL Opportunities, and WBL Types. This article aligns with WBL Partner Setup.
Whether you are a district admin or school admin creating the partner, this WBL Partner will be available to anyone in the district. The partner is not school-scoped like opportunities, and will only be created once.
  • Click WBL Partners.
  • Click the New WBL Partner button in the upper lefthand corner of your screen.


  • Fill in the required WBL Partner information:
    • Company Name
    • Description: *Keep in mind that this will be visible to students throughout the district. We recommend keeping it short but specific.
    • Number of Employees
    • Phone Number
    • Website link
    • Address


Setting up Search Settings
Search settings are one way in which students can find your partner's opportunities based on search filters they apply. You can set these up on the bottom half of the WBL Partner Setup page:
  • Career Cluster - select the Career Cluster that best represents your partner's organization as a whole. Career Clusters are referenced throughout the student’s experience in MajorClarity and are helpful in making connections with their searches.
  • Majors - select all Majors (Career Paths) relevant to your partner's business and the opportunities you’ll be posting on their behalf.
*These will become your default settings at the organization level for this particular partner, but note they can be changed for individual opportunities. You must add at least some Majors to continue.
Click Save partner profile to create this partner's profile.
You are now ready to start Creating Opportunties!
WBL Partner Management
Once you've created a WBL partner profile, you will see it populate on the main screen under WBL Partners. From here, you can do the following:
  • Edit current Partner Profile information by clicking Edit within that partner's block.
  • Delete a Partner Profile if no further opportunities will be available to students by clicking Delete within that partner's block.
If your district is creating and utilizing school-scoped opportunities, please ensure nobody else in the district will need this partner going forward.


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