Student: Log a Work-Based Learning Experience

If your school district participates in our Work-Based Learning add-on module, students will be able to track their participation in work-based learning experiences. These could be anything from classroom visits from local employers to field trips to internships completed for credit.
Steps to Log a Work-Based Learning Experience
  1. Log into MajorClarity and go to your Portfolio
  2. Scroll down to the 'Experiences' section. You can find it after 'Favorites.' If you don't see this section, your school may not be using MajorClarity for work-based learning.
  3. Click 'Add Experience' and complete all the starred fields. You will indicate if it's an ongoing experience vs. one-time. Ongoing means you will be completing this experience over 2 or more days, like an internship. You can log time entries for Ongoing Experiences later.
  4. Optional: Add your teacher to the Teacher/Sponsor box, and what class this is for (if applicable). This will help your teacher keep track of key experiences.
  5. Save the experience. If you've missed any required questions or provided an invalid value, the form will let you know.
  6. Success! See your logged experience as it now appears in the Experiences section. If you need to make any changes or delete it, click 'Edit Experience.'


Next Steps
Once you have logged an experience, you can do the following:
  1. Edit the experience to make sure the details are accurate.
  2. Log your hours for an ongoing experience.
  3. Download a PDF report of your time entries to share with teachers or include in an application.
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