Staff: How to create and manage Groups

All Staff members within MajorClarity have access to our Groups feature, a tool designed to help you organize your student roster however you see fit. You have plenty of flexibility with how you want to create and format your group so that it works for your needs.

In this article, we will review the process for creating and managing your groups, generating reports for a group, and sending messages by a group.

Creating a new Group

  • Navigate to your Students tab.
    • Become familiar with the students on your roster. Think about how you would like to segment your students and organize them into groups.
    • As a reminder, if you're an Advisor Admin, you will first need to create and share your Classroom Code to populate your Students tab. Click here for more instructions.
  • Go to the Groups tab.
  • Select Create new group.
  • Create a name for your group.
  • Once you have selected a name, click Create Group.
    • (Some examples: Block 1, Class of 2023, Advanced students + add in May 2, 2022).
  • Click the three dots shown under Actions
  • Click Add Students / Edit Group Name. This will allow you to add relevant students from your Student roster to that group. e2dd787628-bd2c40abe74c05aa3897.png
  • On the next page, you can add Students by searching their first or last name, student ID, or grad year. There is also an option to Add all users to group, which will add all students in your Students tab to the group. 380d97734d-8125d3f10d83b7119c40.png
  • Once you have selected the students you wish to add to the group, click Add selected students to group. Your students may be split over multiple pages. If so, you will need to add the selected students to the group before continuing to the next page.
  • After you have added all necessary students to the group, scroll to the bottom of the group's page and click Return to groups. This will finalize the process and take you back to the Groups tab. Here you can see the total number of students you have added to your group.

Managing your Groups

You may view the students in your groups at any time in the Students tab. Use the group's filter at the top of the page to select the group you wish to see. This will allow you to see all students in that specific group and work with only those students as needed.
  • To add or remove students, edit the group name, or delete the group, navigate to the Groups tab and click the three dots under Actions.
  • Manage/Remove Students allows you to select (check) the students you'd like to remove from that group.


  • Delete Group allows you to fully remove the group from your account. This action cannot be undone.

Generating Reports for a Group

Most reporting options will allow you to generate a report using a group filter. In the event you only want data for that specific group of students, this is the option you want. This step is typically the last thing you will do before clicking Request Report.

Note * If you're new to Reporting, check out Staff: How to pull a report.

  • Navigate to the Reports tab. Take a look at some of the reporting options available.
  • Click the name of the report you wish to request. The next page will display the dimensions of that report.
  • When you're ready to run the report, scroll to the bottom of the page and click New Request. Here, you'll be able to filter your report as needed.
  • Select your desired group from the Group dropdown. The final report will now only display information for students in that group. Feel free to add in additional filters if needed.
  • If you wish to pull information for multiple groups, you will need to run each report individually.
  • Click Submit.


  • You report has now started!
  • Refresh the page until it's available and the Download button is visible.

Sending messages by Group

You also have the option to send messages in bulk to your Groups. If there is a particular update you'd like to share with only those students in that group, this is a great feature for that purpose.
  • Navigate to your Student's tab and click the Actions button on the upper right side of the page.
  • Select Send Message by Group.


  • On the pop-up, select the appropriate group from the Group dropdown.
  • Write your message. What would you like to send out to these students?
  • Click Send Message.


After the message has been sent, a banner will appear at the top of the page confirming your submission:
"You have successfully messaged (number of) students".
The message will send a notification to the student's MajorClarity account as well as a notification email to their school email inbox. The students will be able to send a reply message through MajorClarity if needed.
Tip: There is also an option to send a message in bulk to the guardians of students in a specific group, as long as we have a guardian email on file. To use this feature, select Send Guardian Message by Group under the Actions dropdown.



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