School Admin: School-Switching Abilities

School Admin accounts are most often assigned to counseling staff, career development and instructional curriculum coordinators, Special Education teachers and service providers, and building-level administrators and department leads. School Admin users do not use the Classroom Code method to add students to their rosters in MajorClarity - all licensed student users assigned to the same building as a School Admin user will automatically display in the Students tab of their accounts.


In the event that a School Admin works with students in multiple schools, MajorClarity can set up School-Switching abilities for that staff member.

  • If you are a School Admin that needs these permissions, please reach out to your district's main MajorClarity contact to request this access. Once approved, your MajorClarity account manager or a representative on our LiveChat can assist with setup.

How to Switch Schools

Upon logging in to MajorClarity as a School Admin, your account will display info for your currently assigned school. Any students in your dashboard or reporting requests will reflect this school. If you have the right permissions, you can switch to a different school:

  • Login to MajorClarity.
  • Navigate to the Account tab.
  • Find the Switch Your School section on the right hand side.


  • Select the desired school from the dropdown.
  • Click Save.


  • Navigate back to your Students tab.
  • You will now see all Students for the newly selected school.
  • You can use the instructions above to switch between your schools as needed.

*Note: You can only have (1) school selected at a time.


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