Advisor: How to set up your Classroom Code

When logging in for the first time as an advisor, you will need to create your classroom code. Follow the instructions below to create your classroom code. Or, you can watch the brief video attached at the bottom of the article.


Click HERE to read how students add the classroom code once it has been created.

Code set up

Important: Classroom codes can only be created once for your tenure within your district. The code you enter will be permanent. Please consider avoiding the use of information that may change such as year, grade level, names, or subject.

  • Remove the pre-filled code that appears when first logging in.
  • Create a unique, yet simple code for your students to use.
  • Click Save code and continue.
  • Share your code with students.


If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team. They can be reached by email at or by using our LiveChat feature in the bottom right-hand corner of our login page.

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