Student (2): WBL Application Process

This article will help Students navigate tools within the Work-Based Learning (WBL) tab of their MajorClarity account. It will instruct you how to start an application on MajorClarity and guide you on any applicable next steps: upload your resume and cover letter, answer a questionnaire, set an interview, accept an offer, and manage all of your active Work-Based Learning applications.
Submitting a WBL Application
You've researched available opportunities in your district, and you'd now like to apply to one that's a good fit! To apply for a Work-Based Learning Opportunity, follow these instructions:
  • Navigate to the Work-Based Learning section in MajorClarity
  • Make sure you're on the Local Opportunities tab
  • Search and find the Opportunity in which you'd like to Apply
  • For more information on Search technique and tips, visit this article - Student (1): WBL Opportunity Search + Tools
  • Don't forget to select and save your age at the bottom of your settings page here before applying to Work-Based Learning Opportunities! This will prevent any issues with eligibility requirements that may be in place for an opportunity.
  • Click on the title of the opportunity
  • Click the blue button at the bottom - Click here to start your application


Submitting a Resume and Cover Letter
For most opportunities, you will be required to submit both a resume and a cover letter.
Uploading a Resume
You have two options available when it comes to submitting your resume: use MajorClarity's builder or submit your own file.
  • MajorClarity's built-in Resume Builder
  • Click Use Builder Instead (especially beneficial and easy if you've already worked on your resume within MajorClarity).
  • If you've already built a resume in MajorClarity, you'll see that info displayed on-screen.
  • Edit your Basic Information, Experience, Education, and Skills as needed.
  • Once complete and checked for accuracy, spelling errors, etc., click Upload Resume and then OK
  • If you find you're not ready to start the resume submission process, you can select Withdraw Application at the bottom of the page.


Upload your own Resume file from your computer.
  • Click Select File on the main screen after starting the application process.
  • Select your resume file from your computer and click OK or Open.
  • Once the correct file has been added, click Upload Resume and then OK.
  • If you find you're not ready to start the resume submission process, you can select Withdraw Application at the bottom of the page.


Uploading a Cover Letter
Once you've submitted your Resume, you'll be taken to a new screen that will allow you to include a Cover Letter with your application. Again, you have two options available: select an existing Cover Letter or write a new Cover Letter. Both options require the Cover Letter to be built in MajorClarity.
  • Select an Existing Cover Letter
  • If you've already built Cover Letters within MajorClarity in the past, you'll see these as options to select upon first being taken to this screen.
  • You have the option to View the Cover Letter to check it for accuracy, Edit the information included in the Cover Letter, or Delete the Cover Letter within the navigation pane to the right.
  • Choose the Cover Letter you'd like to use for this application once you've reviewed everything for accuracy.
  • Click Submit Application.
  • Click OK.wbl_4.png
Create a New Cover Letter
  • Click New Cover Letter.
  • Follow the instructions on-screen to craft a proper Cover Letter.
  • Once complete, click Save Cover Letter.
  • Choose the Cover Letter you'd like to use for this application once you've reviewed everything for accuracy.
  • Click Submit Application.
  • Click OK.
Managing your WBL Applications
After submitting your Resume and Cover letter, you'll be taken to a screen that shows that things are pending. You have completed the first step of the application process, and from here you will need to wait until the Employer or your School Administrator gets back to you.
The rest of the Application Process will include a series of back and forth communications between you and the Employer/Administrator until they've reached a decision on how to move forward with you as an applicant.
  • You are encouraged to check your MajorClarity notifications frequently, as this is how you'll be notified if your application status changes.
  • Click the bell icon in the upper navigation pane to see if you have any new notifications.
  • If the Employer/Administrator has pushed you through to the next step, you'll see this notification here:


Application Center
  • Another way to manage, view, and act on your WBL applications is through the Application Center.
  • Click Application Center.
  • Scroll down until you see the section labeled Opportunity Applications.
  • Here, you'll see the following information for any WBL application you've started:
  • WBL Partner
  • Opportunity Name
  • Associated Career Cluster
  • Status of the application (submitting resume, scheduling interview, withdrawn, no longer available, etc.)
  • School Year the application was started
  • Actions column allowing you to View the opportunity and act on it if needed


Other Stages of the WBL Application Process

You and the Employer/Administrator will continue to complete stages of the application process until a decision is made. You can monitor the current stage of the process at the top of any WBL Opportunity Page:
If the Employer/Administrator has decided to move forward with your application after reviewing your resume and cover letter, they may choose to send you a questionnaire. The questionnaire will include a series of questions hand-selected by the Employer/Administrator to gain better understanding about you and your interest in the WBL Opportunity.
Once they've selected their questions, you will receive a notification on MajorClarity:
  • Revisit the WBL Opportunity via the notification or Application Center.
  • Answer the questions to the best of your ability in the text box provided.
  • Once you've completed all questions, click Submit Responses.


If the Employer/Administrator has decided to move forward with your application after reviewing your questionnaire answers, you'll have the opportunity to schedule an interview.
On the WBL Opportunity page, you'll now see a weekly calendar. You can see all interview times proposed by both you and the Employer. Select a time to interview, or propose new times to the Employer. Once you both agree on a time, there is nothing more to do before the interview. You will be able to reschedule if needed.
  • Interviews may be scheduled virtually as a phone conference directly through MajorClarity, in-person at a school or at an onsite WBL location.
  • Use the calendar tool in MajorClarity to propose dates + times.


  • Once you or the Employer accept a proposed time, this triggers the application to move into the Interview Stage.
    • For virtual interviews, a conference line number will appear on-screen at the time of interview within MajorClarity.
    • Students and the District need to have the application screen pulled up to view the conference line number:


  • Following the interview, the WBL Opportunity status will be updated to Interviewed.
  • You now must wait for the Employer's final decision:


Accepting an Offer
Should the Employer select you for the Opportunity, you will receive a notification and Offer.
  • If you decide to accept, you'll need to provide some additional information:
    • School Email
    • Alternate Email
    • Contact Phone Number
    • Click Submit
  • You can also review the finalized details of the offer:
    • Title
    • Description
    • Wage
    • Compensation
    • Hours/Week
    • Start Date
    • End Date


Please Note - It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw from all other applications they've applied to once they’ve accepted an offer. Be sure to take this step if you accept a WBL Offer.

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