Student (1): WBL Opportunity Search + Tools

The best way to find out if a career is right for you is to try it yourself. MajorClarity can help you find local work-based learning opportunities that match one or more of your preferred career paths. You can favorite opportunities to save them for later or start your application now!
This article will help Students navigate tools within the Work-Based Learning tab of their MajorClarity account. It will teach you how to search for opportunities based on your interests, how to star/favorite opportunities, view info for available opportunities, and manage eligibility requirements (set age if needed).
Getting Started
Login to MajorClarity and head to the Work-Based Learning section in the left navigation pane. You'll notice (3) different tabs available for WBL Opportunity Exploration:
  • Local Opportunities (available only to districts with the WBL License): These opportunities are provided by community employers who have partnered with your school or organization to post directly in the platform. If your district is licensed, you can search for, favorite, and apply to these opportunities within MajorClarity.
  • Internships by Indeed (available for all Students): To help you understand what internships are available, we pull opportunities from Indeed that would be relevant for students. For most districts, this list is populated with jobs posted to Indeed with the job type of "Internship" and will first display those opportunities that can be found near the district.
  • WBL Partner Profiles (available only to districts with the WBL License): These are exclusive WBL partners offering opportunities through your school or organization. The list includes current/active partners. If a partner doesn't currently have any live opportunities, be sure to favorite them to keep them on your radar.


Searching for Opportunities
When first navigating to this tab, you'll see all available opportunities in your area. You have the ability to filter and search for specific opportunities based on your interests and needs. Here are the current options:
  • Opportunity: search for the name of an opportunity by typing the name in the box.
  • WBL Partner: search for the name of a current WBL Partner of your district by typing the name in the box.
  • WBL Type: filter all opportunities by a specific WBL Type, such as internship, apprenticeship, full-time job, etc. Use the dropdown to select (1) Type.
  • Location by Zip Code: search for an opportunity in a specific location by typing in the desired zip code. This paramter can be picky, so if you don't find what you need on the first go, try a few different areas near you.
  • Career Cluster: filter all opportunities by a Career Cluster that interests you. Use the dropdown to select (1) Career Cluster.
  • Career Path: filter all opportunities by a Career Path that interests you. Use the dropdown to select (1) Career Path.
  • Favorites: If you've already been exploring and favoriting opportunities, you can filter the list by your Favorites by checking the box.


Viewing Opportunities
Whether you decide to browse all available opportunities or filter/search for a particular one, you'll see some basic information about each applicable opportunity at the bottom of the Local Opportunities page.
Click the Opportunity Name to view all available information before applying:
  • Company Information
  • Name
  • Description
  • Website Link (if applicable)
  • Opportunity Information
  • Name/role
  • Description
  • Wage/Compensation
  • Location
  • Opportunity Type
  • Type Description
  • Eligibility Requirements - Age and Grade Level
  • Relevant documents (if applicable)
  • Relevant attachments (if applicable)
  • Associated Course (if applicable)
Don't forget to select and save your age at the bottom of your settings page here before exploring Work-Based Learning Opportunities! This will prevent any issues with eligibility requirements that may be in place for an opportunity.


Starring Opportunities (aka Favorites)
Work-Based Learning offers the star/favorite feature, like many other areas of MajorClarity. Be sure to click the Star next to an opportunity for any of the following reasons:
  • The opportunity interests you!
  • Keeping an opportunity on your radar so that you can apply at later time
  • Add the opportunity to My Portfolio
  • Filter your opportunities by Favorites on the Local Opportunities page



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