Staff: Fulfilling Student Transcript Requests

To see who will be included on your transcript requests, navigate to the Account tab and Student Segment section. By default, you will receive requests for all students at the school until you set your student segment. If you set a student segment, you will only receive requests for those students. You can also add additional students outside your segment by using the Add individual advisee option.
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All transcripts are fulfilled through Parchment, meaning any destination institution will be receiving transcripts from Parchment.
Bulk Importing Transcripts
This tool allows Admin to upload transcripts for all students at once.
To be compatible with this feature, MajorClarity will need a sample transcript for the district first (please be sure to send this to your account manager).
  • Visit the Transcript Requests tab in MajorClarity.
  • Click Upload Transcripts.
  • Upload your Bulk Transcripts file. Must be in PDF format and include Student IDs.
  • Once your file is attached, click Initiate Import.
  • This method simply attaches a transcript to each student. No transcripts will actually be sent to an institution following these steps.


Note: any transcript upload (one-off or bulk) will overwrite any previously uploaded transcripts.
Bulk Sending Transcripts
This tool allows admin to send transcripts for students in bulk.
  • Visit the Transcript Requests tab in MajorClarity.
  • Check the box on the left-hand side for any students you wish to include.
  • Select Bulk Send Transcripts in the dropdown at the bottom of the page.
  • On the next page, choose the appropriate transcript file for each student.
  • Click Send.
  • Please be sure to select your documents manually for bulk fulfillment! They are not automatically attached for submission (even with bulk import), but will be easily available once imported.
The student must have a previously uploaded transcript and DOB to be eligible for the bulk send. If the transcript is missing, you can reupload transcripts or fulfill this student's request individually. This will reduce students being 'processed' without a transcript attached (or without the necessary DOB).
Fulfilling transcripts individually
  • Visit the Transcript Requests tab in MajorClarity.
  • For any student with a Requested status, you'll have the option to submit a transcript.
  • Click Send Transcript for the applicable student (under Automated Fulfillment)
  • Use the file selecter to choose the transcript for that student.
  • Click Send.
  • Alternatively, you can click Mark as Sent only if you plan to fulfill the transcript outside the MajorClarity platform.
  • If you choose to go this route, click Mark As Sent once you have finished uploading the transcript on another site. This will let the student know it's been completed.transcript2.png
Creating a transcript request for a student
This tool allows you to create a transcript request on behalf of the student if they haven't yet completed the task.
    • Click Create Transcript Request for Student at the top of the page.
    • Enter the Student Name or ID Number and select them from the dropdown.
    • Select the destination/receiver of the transcript.
    • Click Initiate Student Transcript Request.
    • You will now see a request to fulfill in the Transcript Requests tab. You will still need to go through the fulfillment process to send it to the institution.


Status Definitions
  • Requested - Your student has made a transcript request for you to fulfill.
  • Cancelled - You or a student have successfully cancelled the transcript request.
  • Processing - You have successfully sent the transcript to the institution through MajorClarity. If it hangs in this status for more than 72 business hours, please reach out to MajorClarity using our support chat feature and we will be happy to assist.
  • Sent - You have sent the transcript to the institution outside of the MajorClarity platform.
  • Delivered - The transcript has reached the institution successfully! Hooray!


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